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Depression, Anxiety and 20 years suffering Chronic Fatigue syndrome  Bi-Polar, Homelessness and Chronic Back Pain

Redundancy, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts 

Redundancy, Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety and Sleepless Nights 

Chronic Stress, loss of job, Clinical Depression, and Bereavement Childhood Trauma, Substance Misuse, Schizophrenia, and 4 years in a Psychiatric Hospital Emotional and Behavioural difficulties, Street Homeless and  Paranoid Schizophrenia Osteoarthritis, Anxiety, Depression, Social Isolation, Overwhelming Feeling of Failure

Depression, Domestic Violence, Loss of a Child and Substance Misuse

A Traumatic Childhood, Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse 

Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Physical Pain  

 Domestic Violence and Complex PTSD 

Feedback Quotes

‘The biggest thing is that I can’t believe that I’ve lost the craziness and paranoia that used to go on in my head. My outlook on life changed so much. I’m now going to the gym regularly, I feel healthy, I’m calmer and gentle.’

‘I feel good about getting out of bed in the morning. I feel thankful. I’ve found something that makes so much common sense. People have become more important to me, and I find myself feeling compassion with strangers, people who at one time I wouldn’t have cared about or would have avoided.’

‘I am able to take long breaks from the excessive and intrusive thinking that comes with my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.’ 

‘Thanks to ASOH, I am on no meds, under no Doctors. I can now live as Sonny and not as my diagnosis.’

‘I no longer want anything from the past, I love the present and embrace the joyous moments. A great example was when I was walking along a road that I have walked thousands of times before. I usually look down to keep an eye on where I’m stepping, but this time I decided to look up and I saw the most beautiful tree I had ever seen in my life. The green colour was so vivid, I had never seen anything as green as that. I realised that now I’m not caught up in my thinking, I’m able to see the beauty of life again instead of living each day thinking about my osteoarthritis, anxiety and depression.’

‘I’m a hundred times better than I was. I was in a bad place. I’m getting a lot better at doing things around the house, in small steps so that I don’t overwhelm myself. It’s going well. I don’t seem to be in my head so much, all those difficult thoughts used to swarm my mind.’

‘I’m ready to go back to work and I’ve applied for jobs, after thinking that I would never go back. I spend most of my time in the present now, I used to spend a lot of time attached to my story. I’m more confident and peaceful. I get on with tasks without realising it, without all the usual procrastination, without all the fuss’

‘I’ve never quite realised how amazing the human body is until I heard a story from Derrick, who is one of the facilitators, about the way the body is designed to heal. When you take the constraints off, it is amazing to realise how pure potential we are. I’ve stopped building barriers against the world now.’

‘I had chronic pain for 8 years and even though the pain hasn’t 100% gone - it has subsided and the stress of it has faded into the background. I realised that my nervous system was always under a lot of stress and has calmed down due to these groups. I was always trying to find the root cause of my pain and suffering, but I don’t worry about that anymore. When I look around for the reason it keeps me stuck in the bad feeling.’

‘I’ve had depression and anxiety and PMS for years and therapy seemed to make it worse because I was digging around and around in the past. It didn’t help at all. I’ve learned through A Slice of Happiness groups to live in the present more often. I remember being told in an ASOH group ’don’t feel into the pain so much,’ I didn’t think that would ever work, but it does. When I feel low or depressed, I’m not so scared of it now, so I don’t get so involved in the feeling.’

‘ASOH has changed my life for the better. I have a lot to be thankful for now. I used to feel lost. I could always see the lightness in life, but I never managed to get there.’

‘An assault that happened last year threatened to overpower me, bringing up memories of my abusive marriage. I thought that I had lost everything that I had learned. I came back to the group and just listened, after a while I noticed that the overwhelming feeling had started to shift and over the next few days and weeks it disappeared. I hadn’t forgotten anything. It helped so much with an ensuing court case involving my ex.  Knowing what a calm mind feels like takes the fear out of those very real and difficult interactions’

‘The group improved my relationship with my estranged dad. When I saw that he doesn’t look at the world the same way that I do. It made sense to spend more time with him’

‘It has been a very interesting eight weeks.  I have seen my personality change so much. I have developed a deeper understanding of myself.  The real, authentic ME.’

'I love how everyone was very supportive, in every possible way.'

'I felt vulnerable as I have a very high wall to guard me from anyone getting closer and this was broken down slowly with much patience, understanding and compassion.

‘Somehow the length of time we all spent together online has given me a sense of family.’

‘I have learned more about myself in the last eight weeks than I thought I could.  I honestly never thought that A Slice of Happiness would be able to do so much in helping unearth my true authenticity.’

‘The service has helped me to take a little time out of all the mind and body thinking. It's helping me to have fresh eyes on how I approach what is going on.’ 

‘These sessions are the anchor to my week. Due to a brain injury, I am very isolated, so I really appreciate ongoing attendance. I feel less shame, blame etc.’

‘I’m taking my time with things now; I was always hateful to myself and now feel a lot more trusting of myself. I know I am going to do my best with things and I’m ok with that, I never used to be.’

These are Three Principles Papers—Published, Forthcoming, and Under review in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals (1998-2020). The demographics include eating disorders, maladaptive repetitive thought, psychopathology, and somatic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, intimate partner violence and its prevention, improved mental health, a new view of trauma and human resilience, refugee communities, loss and trauma, comparison of health realization and 12-step treatment, stress and anxiety in HIV positive patients, police professionals, and youth violence.

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