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Depression, Anxiety and 20 years suffering Chronic Fatigue syndrome  Bi-Polar, Homelessness and Chronic Back Pain

Redundancy, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts 

Redundancy, Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety and Sleepless Nights 

Chronic Stress, loss of job, Clinical Depression, and Bereavement Childhood Trauma, Substance Misuse, Schizophrenia, and 4 years in a Psychiatric Hospital Emotional and Behavioural difficulties, Street Homeless and  Paranoid Schizophrenia Osteoarthritis, Anxiety, Depression, Social Isolation, Overwhelming Feeling of Failure

Depression, Domestic Violence, Loss of a Child and Substance Misuse

A Traumatic Childhood, Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse 

Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Physical Pain  

 Domestic Violence and Complex PTSD 

These are Three Principles Papers—Published, Forthcoming, and Under review in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals (1998-2020). The demographics include eating disorders, maladaptive repetitive thought, psychopathology, and somatic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, intimate partner violence and its prevention, improved mental health, a new view of trauma and human resilience, refugee communities, loss and trauma, comparison of health realization and 12-step treatment, stress and anxiety in HIV positive patients, police professionals, and youth violence.

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