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I was homeless at 16 after years of physical and mental abuse behind closed doors. Despite securing a permanent home at 19, the belief that I was "broken" stayed with me for years which spiraled into a masked darkness filled with failed relationships, substance misuse, and painful feelings. I’d tried everything on offer to try and ‘fix me’ yet failed time after time as nothing seemed sustainable.

This all changed when I was lent a book by Sydney Banks called “The Enlightened Gardener”. Something I read triggered a different feeling deep inside me, and a wave of relief washed over me. I ‘knew’ for the first that I would be OK.

From then, my life has changed in ways I never dreamt was possible. Alongside a successful 28 year career in Estate Agency, I also volunteered with the homeless sleeping on the streets, sharing what I was learning in my new understanding as to how thought and mind worked then one day a man walked away from our conversation and as he turned around, he smiled and said: “keep spreading the good word”.

At that moment I saw that I could help others in home insecure communities by sharing what had transformed my life - support they could access for free instead of the thousands of pounds I had paid myself. The first 18 months of this journey were tough and there was a lot of resistance which was disheartening yet a sign would always show up to silently encourage me to keep persevering.

Eventually in September 2018 we were able to independently deliver our first course in Watford. Quaker Homeless Action kindly paid for our hall hire and Slough Outreach helped us encourage those on the streets to take part.

This was also our "test" research carried out by Three Principles Research and Consulting, and the results were really encouraging.


Caroline Powell


  • So - picture the scene. There’s a Programme running in one of your venues where the individuals are sleeping on the streets and in hostels, and they are showing up happier each week.

    Bob Jones (CEO of Watford & Three Rivers Trust) was curious about what we were doing so asked for a meeting with me and that’s when our conversations began. For nearly a year Bob held my hand and guided me to a space where we could establish and deliver our services in partnership with W3RT, which took effect in September 2019.

    Unfortunately, in March 2020, Covid-19 descended upon us so we had to stop our service - we patiently waited to see what would unfold.  We ran weekly online drop in sessions until we were able to resume our service in January 2021.  Social anxiety still gripped those who we worked with so we decided to keep our programmes online - fortunately we were still able to achieve the same outcomes.

  • Throughout the uncertainty and lockdowns, a lightbulb moment from our onsite researcher led to a meeting with Coventry University.  The outcome?  We’re now independently evaluated by Coventry University, Ethics approved.  As such, there is an expectation that the findings will contribute to a long-term impact on the implementation and development of a research-based framework within the mental health arena.

    We also received funding in August 2020 by the NHS for a pilot programme in Watford working with people who were experiencing mental ill health as a result of homelessness or Covid-19.  The outcome? WAS GREAT and we are now endorsed by NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group.

  • We’re delivering an online countywide free service to those in home insecure communities using the latest transformational approach in the mental health arena since the 1970s.

    ‘I feel embarrassed to reach out for support’

    ‘I don’t want a black mark against my name’

    ‘I’m scared social services are going to get involved’

    We hear you!  Which is why our service has been designed for you to be able to stay anonymous to others and confidential between yourself and the team.

    ‘I’ve been told that nobody else can help me’

    We hear you! Which is why there are no exceptions as to who we can work with - as long as you are aged 18 and over and financially restricted.

    ‘I only received a small number of free sessions and I can’t afford to pay for more’

    We hear you! Which is why we won’t discharge you from our service as long as you are committed and work together with us.

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