W3RT is proud to work in partnership with Watford Borough Council, Three Rivers District Council and other key donors to distribute vital funding to enable our local community to thrive during challenging times.

W3RT manages a range of funding streams in consultation with our partners that local charitable groups can apply for, under the umbrella of the W3RT Community Funds. You can find further details below on the different funding opportunities, eligibility criteria and application process.

These funds are open to support activities that are 100% charitable. All groups are expected to show that they have good governance and management arrangements and funds will only be allocated to support work in the area of Watford and/or Three Rivers.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or call or text 07908 209 908. If you are a new group that has not yet opened a bank account, please talk to us ahead of making an application and we can support you through this process.

  • Watford Borough Council Warm Spaces Grant

    The Watford Warm Spaces Grant provides funding for organisations in Watford who are able to provide a warm place for local people to take a break from the cold and connect with others during the winter months. In particular, the funding is to support groups who welcome those who are vulnerable or have been affected by the rising cost-of-living.  

    Your warm space could be something set up specifically to help people this winter, or an existing service that your community group offers which you are extending to help more people. 

    There is a maximum of £16,000 available through this scheme with organisations being able to apply for a maximum of £2,000.  

    You can apply for funding through this link, taking you to the online application form and a copy of the guidance notes can be found here.



  • 1. Three Rivers Sustainability Fund

    W3RT manages a funding pot for Sustainability projects in Three Rivers area. This fund is available to voluntary organisations whose projects/activities support the communities in Three Rivers area, and help with the climate change crisis. 

    Funds will only be allocated to support work in the area of Three Rivers. The activities that are to be funded should align with the Sustainable Development Goals or be in pursuit of sustainability solutions, to help combat the challenges faced by Covid-19. If your project does not fit those mentioned directly but is linked to mitigating climate change, and enhancing sustainability, please apply and explain why it fits.

    This is a rolling application process and we will update this webpage once the funds have all been allocated.

    Apply using the online application form here and you can read the full guidance notes and eligibility criteria here.