Bob Jones
CEO since 2006. Working in, with, and for, the voluntary sector in Watford, Herts.
Amanda Williams
Deputy CEO and Head of Community Wellbeing and has over 20 years Global Senior Management experience in commercial organisations.
Saffron Johnson
Lead of Watford Chamber of Commerce. Organize the Chamber events, manage membership & partner relationships. Meeting with all new members, look after the existing ones and connect businesses with community and opportunity.
Sandra Clarke
W3RT HCNS Lead. Responsible for social prescribing and leading within our Hospital and Community Navigation Service (HCNS).
Sylwia Brzozowska
Finance Manager with over 23 years of experience. Working alongside the executive team of W3RT.
Alex Murray
Lead for W3RT CVS in Watford. Helping to strengthen and support the local voluntary sector.
Sahira Manzoor
IT & Data Manager. Responsible for ensuring that key data records and computer systems are effectively managed and maintained.