As the governing body of a voluntary organisation, the board of directors/trustees fulfil a variety of roles and responsibilities including: 

  • Oversees the financial operations of the organisation 
  • Maintains the legal and ethical standing of the organisation and its staff 
  • Provides leadership and strategic direction for the organisation 
  • Ensures that an organisation remains accountable to its donors and to the general public 

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your organisation has the right skills to be able to fulfil these roles and responsibilities and where you don’t, to have a process in place to recruit individuals who can fill these roles.  

W3RT CVS can support your trustees/directors to provide them with the skills they require to be able to ensuring the long-term success of any board and to help organisations recruit new trustees/directors who can enhance an organisation’s board.  

If your organisation would like support with board development, please contact CVS via email [email protected]