Are you Unemployed or on Universal/Pension Credit?

COVID and the Cost of Living Crisis has turned so many lives upside down.  We’ve gone from navigating through life with confidence of what we know both intellectually and our own life experiences to the unknown. 

Emotions of fear, depression, and stress (to name a few) can be crippling, and prevent us moving forward in life so the Three Principles understanding helps people see how their experience of life is created through thought, mind, and consciousness.  This enables us to wake up to new possibilities and the resilient potential we have within all of us to experience peace of mind and contentment.

Charities and Businesses

Stress, anxiety and depression are the number one reasons for work related illness in the UK and is on the rise.

Many organisations are now making clarity of mind a core part of their values and strategy.  The law also requires all employers to prevent work related stress to support good mental health in the workplace.

As individuals learn to work in a clearer mind, not only does the organisational culture become one of well-being, but revenues and profits increase, employee and customer feedback improves, attrition reduces, and all without any change in personnel, strategy, technology, or processes. 

Statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), covering the 2021/22 period, show of the 1.8 million workers suffering from a work-related illness, 914,000 were stress, depression or anxiety. Over half of working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety (17 million).