Welcome to the Empowerment Pathway (Hertfordshire)

In 2018, Watford and Three Rivers Trust initiated an innovative partnership with A Slice of Happiness, aimed at enhancing mental health for vulnerable, home-insecure adults in Watford and Three Rivers through the application of The Three Principles understanding. This collaboration, flourishing under the guidance of Bob Jones, CEO of W3RT, has not only thrived but has also achieved significant success.

During our partnership with Watford and Three Rivers Trust, we have collaborated with over 20 organisations, providing support to more than 600 vulnerable adults who were unemployed, on Universal Credit, or Pension Credit. They had free access to intensive 24-hour programs and an ongoing support platform. The excellent outcomes have significantly improved the wellbeing of individuals while simultaneously alleviating pressure on statutory services. Additionally, our efforts have contributed to the development of strategies for complex care, suicide prevention, and initiatives aimed at reducing loneliness and isolation.

We have garnered strong support from referring organisations, encompassing both statutory and non-statutory bodies, including the NHS. Furthermore, we are fortunate to benefit from human ethics approved research partnerships with Coventry University and Innate Health Research.

Our exit interviews and independent research have also revealed the profound impact of The Three Principles understanding in other aspects of our beneficiaries' lives. 

Inspired by these insights, we are excited to introduce the Empowerment Pathway (Hertfordshire), a testament to our commitment to continued innovation and positive impact in the community

The Empowerment Pathway (Hertfordshire);

  • 8 x weekly online group sessions (via zoom)
  • 3 hours per week with 30-minute break
  • Ongoing online support platform offering 90-minute weekly group sessions if needed.

What are the criteria?

Residents in Hertfordshire who are;

  • Unemployed, On Universal Credit or on Pension Credit
  • Aged 18 and over

How can this help you?

  • Unlock your resilience so that you can navigate through and recover from chaotic life phases successfully and with ease.
  • How to stop overthinking so you can experience a quieter mind, less stress, more clarity and improved sleep.
  • Discover an easier way to live life with your physical disability or mental diagnosis.
  • Gain insight into what negative thoughts and emotions are made of to prevent them from overwhelming you
  • Break through any self-imposed limitations and beliefs to boost your confidence and reveal infinite potential and possibilities.
  • Move past painful traumas, leaving them in the past where they belong.
  • Uncover the essence of deep listening to enhance your communication and develop meaningful connections with those around you.
  • Be part of a non-judgmental, compassionate space where you can relax in the comfort of your own home and connect with others who understand what you are going through.

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