W3RT CVS works to strengthen the local voluntary sector. We assist with funding, planning, board development, training, information & guidance.

Who We Are

W3RT CVS has worked for over forty years to strengthen the local voluntary sector in Watford and Three Rivers.  We exist to support voluntary sector organisations to become more welcoming, effective, accountable and sustainable. As a result, W3RT CVS has a unique understanding of the local voluntary sector and is in regular contact with hundreds of charities and community groups in and around Watford and Three Rivers.  

This function remains at the heart of W3RT, and we are still commissioned by Watford Borough Council (WBC) and Three Rivers District Council to deliver an effective CVS service for Watford and Three Rivers. 

What We Do

We support charities with funding support, business planning, training, volunteer recruitment and board development. We also help charities across Watford and the Three Rivers area exert greater influence by representing and championing the sector in forums, helping groups individually to promote the needs of their members, or by helping groups come together to have a louder voice. 

Contact Information

Website: w3rt.org/cvs

Recent Activity