Three universal principles explain the thinking process: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Simply put, Mind is the energy of life, the fact that we are alive. Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy. Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. In other words, we are born thinking. We think our way through life. We see life through our thoughts as we go, and the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives (how we see things moment-to-moment). 

Awakening to those principles sets people free from attachment to the contents of any particular thinking with the knowledge that thoughts naturally come and go. It frees people to see their state of mind, their felt response to perceived reality, as an indicator of the moment-to-moment quality of their thinking. A stressed or negative feeling state or state of mind produces a low mood and increasing tension, a feeling of insecurity, or dis-ease. That feeling warns us to allow our thinking to quiet. 

As people learn to trust their state of mind as a guide through life, they catch themselves earlier and earlier in the process of insecure thinking that can lead to chronic stressful states of mind and worse. Recognising the signal to quiet down, people can leave negative thoughts alone and allow them to pass. As our minds quiet, our feelings change and our perceived reality changes. We naturally regain our ability to address life circumstances and challenges from a wiser, more optimistic, and hopeful perspective. 

Once people recognise that Innate Health is constant and always accessible, they can navigate the difficulties of their thinking without frightening themselves with their most negative thinking or deceiving themselves with their most positive thinking. We can be grateful in moments of exhilaration and graceful in moments of distress, and to experience the rich landscape of all our thinking as the gift of life. 


By Judy Sedgeman