Last week, W3RT CVS hosted an interactive workshop about Vision for Volunteering, a movement to create a diverse, innovative, ambitious, equitable and person-centred future for volunteering. The Vision for Volunteering sets out a view of what volunteering needs to look like, and how this will make volunteers feel about their roles, by 2032.

During the event, the W3RT CVS team introduced to the Vision for Volunteering, why it was created and the five key themes of the Vision. After answering questions from the 11 organisations in attendance, the W3RT CVS Team facilitated a workshop about overcoming hurdles in volunteering where organisations discussed the challenegs they were facing and how they could help resolve the challenges faced by the other attendees.

Feedback from attendees included:

- 'The event was helpful to share our experiences with other organisations. It helped us identify common themes and different approaches emerged over the course of the day'

- 'Thanks for arranging, it is always good to get to meet face to face with representatives from other organisations'

- 'Alex and the W3RT team are fantastic advocates for the volunteering sector'

If you or your organisation were unable to attend the event but would like to find out more about the Vision for Volunteering, you can visit their website by clicking here. If you would like to discuss the challenges your organisation is facing regarding any aspect of volunteering, do not hesitate to contact the W3RT CVS Team by emailing [email protected].

Alex Murray


Lead for W3RT CVS, work for Watford and Three Rivers Trust. Helping to strengthen and support the local voluntary sector in #Watford.