We’re delivering an online countywide free service to those in home insecure communities using the latest transformational approach in the mental health arena since the 1970s.

‘I feel embarrassed to reach out for support’

‘I don’t want a black mark against my name’

‘I’m scared social services are going to get involved’

We hear you!  Which is why our service has been designed for you to be able to stay anonymous to others and confidential between yourself and the team.

‘I’ve been told that nobody else can help me’

We hear you! Which is why there are no exceptions as to who we can work with - as long as you are aged 18 and over and financially restricted.

‘I only received a small number of free sessions and I can’t afford to pay for more’

We hear you! Which is why we won’t discharge you from our service as long as you are committed and work together with us.