W3RT to date, have had over 1600 people volunteer throughout lockdown. But this does not begin to include all the Covid-19 support groups and their volunteers. One neighbourhood level collaboration has seen some phenomenal acts, all coming from two women available during lockdown, who have changed lives throughout Watford, gathering neighbourhood volunteers along the way; Watford & Bushey Covid-19 Mutual Aid. At the peak they provided support to c.130 households weekly. 

The list of acts has been endless. Helping those self-isolating, elderly and vulnerable, processing and delivering food, providing cleaning supplies, collecting prescriptions, and even offering a friendly chat to combat loneliness along the way. 

Just at the Holywell Community Centre alone, they managed to help W3RT with:

  • 270 Personal Shops,
  • 602 Food Deliveries,
  • 373 Prescriptions Collected.

W3RT’s Food Hub has now come to and end, with any food remaining going to New Hope, and spare hygiene products to The Hygiene Bank, who commented:

“We are lucky to receive a supply of donation from the COVID-19 Hub at Holywell - thank you so much for passing on the excess donations. These donations have already been distributed to local projects - thank you again for thinking of us.”

New Hope added:

“Thank you for your superb donations of cupboard food today!!”

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said:

“I am extremely proud of the way our town rose to the many challenges of the coronavirus emergency and bowled over by the generosity of people in Watford. As we go into the winter months, we know that vulnerable people in our town may need more help and support with their shopping and to prevent them becoming isolated. It would be fantastic if our volunteer army could rise to the challenge when they are called upon. These are undoubtedly challenging times for our town but I know we will come through this stronger and closer than ever.”

Bob Jones, CEO, W3RT said:

“I would like to take this time to personally thank Siobhan and Rebecca for coming together to form Watford & Bushey Covid-19 Mutual Aid group and making such a difference from ground level up. Thank you to their volunteers such as Tzu Chi Foundation who donated not only food, but 200 face coverings during this time.
I’d also mention our partners in all this during this time, which are the businesses that have contributed, the groups that have volunteered, Herts County Council and Watford Council for their continued support at the Food Hub among others contributions made, and Three Rivers Council for support with the CVS and support groups. Not to mention all the volunteers themselves.

Everyone has pulled together when it has matters most. We have all played our part in contributing to the positive outcomes our community have produced together. However, we are not out of the woods yet, so we need to be prepared for a second spike as we head into the winter months.”

Amanda Williams from the My Wellbeing Hub commented:

"During lock down, the team have been absolutely fantastic. And when I say team, I include in that the volunteers and the call centre team in the My Wellbeing Hub. Everyone has been part of taking over 7,335 wellbeing calls, more than 6,900 “Keeping in Touch” calls have been made to those at home to offer our help, support, or simply to talk to. Our lockdown team have put in overtime round the clock to ensure we are there for things that matter when faced with shielding. Everyone has pulled together. Thank you all…”

Peter Wright, Co-Chair of the W3RT Board of Trustees in the early months of lockdown said:

“To all of you who are kindly volunteering with W3RT and other local charitable organisations, I speak on behalf of the W3RT Board of Trustees, to say a huge thank you. Thank you for your generosity of time, dedication, and hard work during such a challenging period for the Watford and Three Rivers area.”