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Omar Wilson

Omar Wilson grew up in Manor Park, East London. At a young age he was diagnosed with ADHD & Dyslexia. Growing up in a single parent household with his two siblings plus a low income. Omar thought having money would help change everything and because of his disability education was not an option.

The only role model he had was killed when Omar was 13. With no guidance but what was in front of him …DRUGS. Omar was part of one of Newham’s (in London) biggest drug organisations for almost 10 years. As a result of this he was sent to HMP Onley where he found Beyond Recovery. Omar became a BR Peer Mentor helping to facilitate groups. Since leaving prison he has worked closely with Beyond Recovery at HMP Nottingham and online, in addition to working with young people affected by crime and has now become a Director at Beyond Recovery with the blessing of MamaJ He is one of the founders of Beyond Truth.