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Dr Aaron Turner

Aaron left his job at Brunel University and his career in academia to become an intern at a small counselling and consulting practice in a tiny town in The Pacific Northwest of America. Having done research into the approach the practice was using and observing their work for several years, he saw it represented a ground breaking departure from other approaches to the mind and well-being and the results associated with this new understanding were unlike any he had seen before.

Aaron worked as a counsellor and consultant at the practice for 10 years and ran it as the CEO for three of those years. During those ten years Aaron saw the dramatic impact this new understanding had on people’s well-being, happiness, and resilience. During that time there was no mental health challenge, relationship challenge or life circumstance in which people could not find their clarity and well-being and in so doing, find a productive way forward. In many cases just finding clarity and well-being proved to be the solution people were seeking.

Aaron was taking a particular interest in the application of his work within organisations. He was interested in the potential for people to have well-being and clarity at work as their normal working state of mind. He worked with many companies to do this from family-owned businesses, to fortune 50 corporations and the US military. in the face of clinical challenges, relationship challenges and personal life challenges. In every case, when people discovered their natural potential for clarity, organisations started to operate with more energy and engagement, dysfunctional dynamics faded or disappeared, and outcomes improved in every area of operation.

In 2010 Aaron founded One Thought in London to focus specifically on the core importance of clarity and well-being in organisations. The mission of the organisation is to highlight the importance and the potential for clarity of mind and well-being at work. Their work has made chronic stress and pressure and interpersonal tensions outdated in many organisations. Many organisations have made clarity of mind a core part of their values and strategy. As they have learned to work in a clearer mind, not only does the organisational culture become one of well-being, but revenues and profits increase, employee and customer feedback improves, attrition reduces all without any change in personnel, strategy, technology, or processes.

As a pioneer in the field of unconditional clarity and well-being Aaron creates training programmes for other professionals. He is a founding member of the non-profit organisation 3PGC since 2009 and has been the president of the board since 2017. He sat on the governmental Small Business advisory group for several years.  He is a published author, international speaker, and lives with his family in London.