Everyone needs other people, but not everyone has someone

Become a befriender today!

What is befriending?

Befriending offers a supportive, reliable relationship by connecting a volunteer befriender to individuals who are socially isolated.

There are befriending projects around Hertfordshire that provide effective support for children and young people, families, people with mental ill-health, those with learning disabilities and older people.

Befriending can also help reduce the burden on statutory services which people may mistakenly use as they seek social contact.

 Are you…

Interested in other people? A good listener? Reliable? Able to give a few hours each week?

If this is you, befriending could provide you with friendship, access to a range of different activities, increased self-confidence and even a new direction in life!

Organisations will provide training to prepare you for your befriending role and any expenses will be covered by the charity you volunteer for. Previous experience is not necessary, who you are and how you can support those in in isolation is what counts. Organisations are always looking for new volunteers, so what are you waiting for?

Become a befriender today by checking out some of the opportunities below!

Befriending Volunteers - Watford and Three Rivers Trust

Compassionate Neighbours - Rennie Grove Peace Hospice

Bring friendship to an isolated or lonely person - Age UK Hertfordshire

To find more roles outside of the Watford and Three Rivers area, visit www.govolherts.org.uk/could-you-be-a-befriender or call 01462 689409

Alex Murray


Lead for W3RT CVS in Watford. Helping to strengthen and support the local voluntary sector.