Croxfest is a yearly music festival in Croxley Green held on The Green. It is free for all to attend and enjoy a varied line-up of acts in a family-friendly atmosphere.  Its objectives are:

- Foster a sense of community and belonging among residents.
- Promote local businesses and organisations.
- Provide a platform for cultural expression and entertainment.
- Enhance the neighbourhood’s reputation and attract visitors.

A quote from David - On behalf of the Croxfest Organisers

“The organisers of Croxfest were delighted to work with W3RT for the 2023 Music Festival. As a single day annual event, it can often be difficult to capture the attention of potential supporters, partners and volunteers. Teaming up with W3RT broadened the reach of the event to parties and individuals who will have discovered Croxfest for the first time developing mutually beneficial relationships that will hopefully last for years to come.  The organisers of Croxfest were similarly pleased that W3RT attended the festival accepting an invitation to place a direct public facing stall showcasing the work they undertake.”


Croxfest Team got in touch with Watford and Three Rivers Trust and were looking for support in the following:

  1. Volunteer Recruitment – Volunteering opportunities for the event were hosted on Golden Volunteer platform.
  2. Promotion - Croxfest was promoted via the CVS newsletter and W3RT social media to local organisations and community for them be interested in taking a stall (either commercial) requiring a pitch fee to be paid or (awareness / charity) where no pitch fee is paid. And for the general public to promote attendance.
  3. Sponsorship - W3RT support Croxfest Team by securing funding via LitFibre.
  4. Held a stall – W3RT CVS’s Team attended the event and held a stall to promote the service and volunteer opportunities.

Croxfest serves as a prime example of how a well-organised and inclusive community event can bring people together, strengthen neighbourhood ties, and have a positive impact on local businesses and the community as a whole.