Throughout the last three years with the Covid19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis, individuals’ mental health has been greatly impacted. Statistics from the ONS show that across all ages, the number of individuals showing signs of depression have increased and feelings of stress and anxiety have also increased. As a result, individuals are looking to provide support for the community and one example of this is Braveminds Boxing Project CIC, a newly established CIC thanks to the support of W3RT CVS.

In 2022, W3RT CVS were introduced to the founder of Braveminds Boxing Project CIC, Joel who had a passion to work specifically with men to improve their mental health. Through speaking with him it was clear that men in particular were at risk of depression and mental health issues but less likely to seek support. Therefore, he wanted the project to provide a safe space for men to talk about their mental health and to reduce the stigma associated by it. He also wanted to run physical health sessions to help support men with their physical health which he explained was linked to mental health.

Throughout the following months, W3RT CVS met with Joel and discuss how he could set up as a voluntary organisation, the different options that would be available to him and the benefits of each type. It was felt that a Community Interest Company (CIC) would be the best option for Joel and together with him, W3RT CVS spent the next months putting all the appropriate paperwork together including:

- The relevant documents for Companies House

- Various policies that would be required

- Setting up a bank account for the organisation

As a result of working with W3RT CVS, Joel and Braveminds Boxing Project were able to become a CIC last year allowing them to being tackling the mental health challenges in the community. Of this support, Joel said ‘W3RT CVS support was invaluable in establishing Braveminds Boxing Project as a CIC. In particular, they were able to provide detailed advice on the various legal structure and to understand my priorities so that I was able to choose the right charitable structure for me.”

We look forward to working with Braveminds Boxing Project over the coming months to help them identify funding opportunities and to connect with other voluntary organisations with the aim of supporting men and the wider community’s mental health.

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Alex Murray


Lead for W3RT CVS in Watford. Helping to strengthen and support the local voluntary sector.