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Caroline Powell
Founder and Facilitator

After a successful career in business, Caroline founded A Slice of Happiness in 2017 when she was volunteering with those affected by Homelessness.

Behind her mask, she had suffered a traumatised childhood filled with physical and mental abuse, leading to homelessness which affected her mental health. She used drugs and alcohol to numb the internal pain she was feeling but was committed to the belief that she was damaged. After many unsuccessful attempts with different approaches, Caroline came across the Three Principles and her life has transformed in ways that she never thought was possible. Caroline was so blown away that she has now given up her 28-year career so that she can be of service to those in the community who are suffering.

Under A Slice of Happiness (a project of Watford & Three Rivers Trust), she has now completed several programmes working with more than 450 individuals in home insecure communities, spoke at the 2019 London Homelessness Conference, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Three Principles Global Conference, and was invited to Buckingham Palace in recognition for her Charity work.

Throughout COVID19, she has also established partnerships with Coventry University Research Centre and is endorsed by the NHS. You can learn more about Caroline by visiting her personal website at where her support is accessible for private Clients.