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Dr. Anita McGinty, Ph.D.,

Anita is a psychologist and educator fascinated with the ways we learn, change, and grow. Anita started her work in education as a speech-language pathologist, working with children who had severe reading and language difficulties. After receiving her doctorate in Educational Psychology in 2009, she worked as an applied researcher and education expert,
supporting the creation and adoption of curricular and data innovations across thousands of schools and hundreds of communities. Anita’s most recent role was as an Associate Research Professor and Director of PALS, an academic-policy partnership at the University of Virginia (2017-2021).

This work crystalised for Anita how data and research can spark large-scale, systems-level transformation. Anita is now pairing this vision for impactful research with her personal interest in 3P and innate health realisation. Anita believes that one of the most powerful forces in her life over the past 10 years has been an unfolding awareness of and connection to her own innate health. She credits access to 3P programs and counselling and she wants all people across all sectors of society to have the same opportunity for innate health realisation that she did. She sees research as a critical piece of building universal access to innate health programming.

Anita is thrilled to be working with the team at Three Principles Research & Consulting, as she seeks to build from their efforts the non-profit launch of Innate Health Research