One of the core values of W3RT CVS is “Collaboration”. So, following the “Voluntary Sector Forum” hosted back in September, two local community organisations came together in much needed collaboration, to help support refugees in Greece.  

On the weekend of the 3-4th October, “Choose Love” were introduced by W3RT CVS to “Hand on Heart” in the Forum as part of the CVS Networking opportunity. Hand on Heart heard the story, and after the forum, donated a much needed asset - the use of their warehouse in Watford. In total, 44 boxes were filled with donations from the public, to be delivered to the refugees.  

Brian Donnelly from Choose Love gratefully said:

“I was amazed by the amount of useable space Hand on Heart offered us, and that the 44 boxes of donations were remarkable because Watford is a new location for the programme.” 

Afzal Pradhan from Hand on Heart replied:

“It was a privilege to have been a part of this project, and that the intention has made this task so rewarding. Hand on Heart are looking forward to working with Choose Love in the future and representing Watford as one of the 70 locations across the country.” 

Alex Murray from W3RT CVS on the networking their forums bring, said:

 “I’m delighted that W3RT CVS have been able to facilitate the collaboration between Choose Love and Hand on Heart and that the community in Watford were able to donate to the cause.” 

For more on Hand on Heart see Facebook page

For more on Choose Love see Facebook page

W3RT CVS work to strengthen the local community and ensure that Watford & Three Rivers continues to benefit from voluntary organisations and their networks. If you or your organisation would like to join the collaboration and forum networks, please contact us at [email protected]