Earlier this year, we were delighted to provide Get Set 4 Tennis, an inclusive community tennis club with £1,500 from our Sustainability Fund to fund the purchase of an Euro 6 compliant van. This vehicle would allow them to transport their specialist disability coaching equipment to schools in Three Rivers area with zero emissions and reduced costs, therefore allowing them to offer more spaces at their sessions. After an unexpected delay, Get Set 4 Tennis have now been able to purchase their electric van which greatly reduces the environmental impact that transporting equipment has in the area.

Lisa Wildman, Director and Club Manager at Get Set 4 Tennis said ‘With the huge support of funders including Watford and Three Rivers Trust (W3RT), we are now able to transport a range of adaptive equipment for use across the districts and beyond in our special needs schools and community tennis clubs in Maple Cross and Abbots Langley.”

She added that “Working with different impairments means we need to make sure our coaches have the correct equipment. This can be anything from large bulky hitting stations to bags of balloons alongside the usual nets, rackets and balls and many other items. By having a van of this size, we can store all equipment needed to cover working with all our schools. Coaches no longer need to swap equipment throughout the week and by having one Euro 6 compliant van instead of two cars travelling to sites it is far kinder and sustainable for our environment”

For more information about Get Set 4 Tennis, you can visit their website here. The funding for this project came from the Three Rivers Sustainability Fund which is managed by W3RT on behalf of Three Rivers District Council. You can find more information about W3RT here and about the Sustainability Fund here.




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