Despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the Voluntary Sector in Watford and the Three Rivers areas has grown strong. Since March 2020 we have seen the Voluntary Groups attending the W3RT CVS Covid Forums regularly, and though engagement, have collaborated over the months with astounding results. W3RT CVS continues this success into Autumn, and recently hosted the "Community Engagement Forum" on the 9th October 2020.  

This forum brought together new perspectives, different businesses, faith groups, new attendees as a wide cross section of the sector, and additionally had a local authority join them. The agenda was on what Groups are doing in the community this autumn, and if there was scope for further collaboration and sharing of “resources” to help as they head in to Winter.

Naomi Bhundia, from the "Coronavirus Community Help for Northwood, Pinner, Oxhey & Ruislip Support Group" said:

“The forum brought the community into a virtual room with a variety of  groups and charities. It was good to hear about the various groups, the different perspectives we all had about the needs we see in the community and barriers that we may be facing."

After the forum, Sue Wonghen from the "Co-op" thanked W3RT CVS for the invitation: 

"I found the meeting very useful and that the ideas mentioned in the forum would be beneficial for the community.”  

Alex Murray, W3RT CVS Lead for Watford concluded:

“I am delighted that the forum was a success and that there was a wide cross section of the community in attendance. At this difficult time, all aspects of the community can use their skills and resources to help support the community and I am delighted that the attendees found it as useful as we hoped.” 

W3RT CVS hold regular forums throughout the year for anyone looking to network as a Voluntary Sector Group. 

If you would like to know more, need questions answered, or want to know how to become a member and receive 1:1 advice, please contact the team by email or call Alex on 07908 209908.