When it comes to the human experience, we can understand the foundational elements in the form of three universal principles: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. 

While those words mean different things to different people, the principles they point to have been observed and studied in science, philosophy, and religion throughout the ages. They’re the basic facts of life – formless, foundational elements which can be observed only through: 

The Principle of Mind: 

Mind is the source and intelligence behind all of life. The Principle of Mind is the formless energy that is responsible for the creation of all of life. It exists completely beyond the world of form. It is the eternal stillness and silence that lies before the movement and noise of created life. 

The Principle of Consciousness: 

The capacity to be aware and experience life is innate in human beings. Our level of awareness in any given moment and state of mind determines the quality of our experience. 

The Principle of Thought: 

We create our individual experience of reality via the vehicle of thought. Thought is the missing link between the formless intelligence of life and the created world of form.