Collaboration with the focus of the latest voluntary sector forum hosted by W3RT CVS last week. Whereas, in the past partnership has never been as strong, the impact of the pandemic has meant that voluntary organisations are looking to collaborate with other organisations to ensure that the community is best served.  

As a result, 15 organisations from across Watford and Three Rivers met to give updates as to their organisations and for W3RT CVS to provide guidance around topics such as training, funding and governance. Each attendee was given two minutes to update the forum about their work in the last few months and there was a chance for groups to ask questions of each other and of W3RT towards the end of the forum.  

Samantha Ford, from Watford Palace Theatre said: 

“Watford Palace Theatre is closed until we finalise our social distanced programme. Therefore, we have venue space and any of your organisations can use it.” 

Samantha’s view was echoed by the other attendees and coming out of the forum, there was a real sense that organisations wanted to collaborate with each other and hope to use the forums organised by W3RT CVS to be able to begin this process.  

Following the forum, Michelle Hamilton from Watford Mencap thanked W3RT CVS for hosting the forum and said: 

“I really enjoyed learning about what other organisations are doing and it’s definitely spurred me to talk to a couple of people about how we can work together or support each other.”  

Michelle also hoped that they would become regular monthly events with different topics discussed on each occasion. 

Alex Murray, W3RT CVS Lead for Watford added:  

“Collaborative working can help create stronger and healthier communities and W3RT CVS are here for anyone who wishes to take action in their community.”  

On the future of these forums, Alison May, CVS Lead for Three Rivers concluded: 

“This is something we will consider and look to host again in the future. We are delighted that people are finding these forums useful and we want to harness the new spirit of collaboration to ensure that all voluntary groups in Watford and Three Rivers are working collaboratively and for the communities we live in.”