Talks of a Watford Befriending Service has been very well received by the local council and charities following Covid-19 Appeal and the need now to continue the support for those in need which is currently reported at around 7,000 over the whole of Hertfordshire. There is need for day-to-day support and a befriending scheme could be the answer they are looking for.

Bob Jones commented:

“We are looking to build a stronger community, link people together, support each other. And we are interested in strengthening the networks we have out there for those 7,000 still in need.”

For this to work, W3RT are looking for what a befriending service might look like, even coming up with a better name, and ideas on how it could work.

“I would really like to know how people see this working from their side. So I would like to set up a consultation with our community and see what they have to say on things so we can consider this as we move forward.”

Things to think about:

  1. What would you like a befriending service to be? Not be?
  2. Who would it benefit and why? Would you be one?
  3. What considerations need to be made?

Please send your comments, starting with the word ‘Befriending’, to [email protected] Thank you. W3RT.