Herts Sports Partnership’s annual Clubs Conference returns virtually on Friday 30th October, 9:30am - 4pm.

After last year’s successful Clubs Conference, we are delighted to hear of this annual conference, and invite those of you who work in the industry to attend these key workshops and talks helping to support our community clubs by addressing challenges that have impacted on sport.

Come and hear from a selection of speakers, and to ensure we have a thriving community sport environment - now and for the future.

Areas of disucssion will involve;

  • Inclusion,
  • Funding,
  • Mental health,
  • Generating income, 
  • Governance challenges.

Through recent months Sports Clubs have shown how valuable and versatile they can be in supporting our communities to be healthy and active.

They are now keen, together with you, to continue to support such a strong part of community in Hertfordshire, by providing assistance for clubs to continue as we move forward in to 2021.

Book your place here now. And see attachment below for agenda on the day.