When October 25, 2023 at 7:00pm 1 hr
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It's time for Fluff to do the ultimate puzzle .... her life. 

But Fluff hates puzzles, especially sudoku. She never knows which number goes where, why there is a half eaten birthday cake and why this woman keeps visiting her room. As she navigates her way through her most treasured and darkest memories, Fluff desperately needs to piece together her life, story by story, person by person. This darkly comedic play explores memories and the choices we make in life. 

Fluff is Teepee Productions' first show and has been in development for two years now. First seen at the Drayton Arms in London followed by performances at the Birmingham and Watford Fringe Festival, Fluff is now going on a community tour in across Watford. 

Tickets are £5 and all the money raised through ticket sales go to Teepee Productions charity partners: Breakthrough, Alzheimer's Society and Herts Musical Memories. 

The advised age is 15+ due to bad language and trigger warnings of self-harm & upsetting themes (including the exploration of Dementia.) There will be some basic lighting and sound used within the show also. As all ticket sales go to charity, Teepee Productions will be collecting donations for the future of the show/company and there will be a card machine available on the day should you wish to donate. 
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Peformance at Holywell Community Centre