W3RT CVS will host 2 different forums between now and the end of the year, to support both our local Voluntary Sector, and Community Engagement. Both have content that is delivered by the attendees, for the attendees.

They are chaired by W3RT CVS, who start the forum with a sector wide update from W3RT, and then open up the agenda by going round the room and allowing each attendee to update everyone on what they are involved with, mention any challenges they are facing, and then CVS offer any immediate solutions, or go on to introduce attendees with other groups or networks they have who can help in the days that follow.

Throughout the recent critical months W3RT CVS has hosted Covid-19 forums to help voluntary sector organisations connect and collaborate. Recently, building on the success of collaboration, they will host the following 2 forums for attendees to come together and to share ideas - the outputs of which have created some incredibly positive outcomes.

Dates for these forums for the remainder of 2020 are:

Voluntary Sector Forum – Friday 13th November – 10am-11am – Zoom 

The Voluntary Sector Forum is for anyone who is working in the sector looking to talk about the services they provide, challenges they face, and make connections with other organisations through this network to find positive solutions. Places are limited to 20, to ensure that everyone is give time to talk about their organisation and find solutions with others. A previous attendee of the forum said that they: 

“..found the forum extremely useful - it’s great to have the opportunity to get to know other local causes better and hopefully we can identify gaps and opportunities that meet the needs of the community.” 

If you are interested in attending the Voluntary Sector Forum, please visit eventbrite here.