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Jason Shiers

Jason Shiers is a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist @ Jason has been working with addictions and mental health for over 20 years in evolving ways. After his own recovery started 27 years ago in 12 steps, he had been searching for something different, following the path to a degree in transactional analysis, a psychodynamic theory of how people work, he found he was still not happy.

Four years ago, in a chance encounter Jason found the work of Michael Neill, and after 3 days in LA and an exploration into the 3 principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks with Michael, life changed unrecognisably. Jason has been teaching and sharing the 3 principles in his work with addictions ever since, it made no sense to practice any other way, addiction no longer looked like something that needed a complex theory or diagnostic label to overcome. As a result, Jason realised people can spontaneously recovery and change their lives from any mental health diagnosis, to being happy joyous and totally free.