£47,000 has been granted over the last 6 months to 27 charities and organisations who support the Three Rivers District. Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) has been helping these charities by agreeing funding support through the Community Fund, which is managed by “Watford & Three Rivers Trust’s Community & Voluntary Service” (W3RT CVS). TRDC’s primary purpose has been to support local voluntary groups serving the community. Camelot have been a significant donor to the funding pot, which has helped both Watford and Three Rivers areas.

Wellbeing – the biggest need


16 out of the 27 charities received over half of the funding, and has been awarded to organisations helping members of the community with wellbeing support.  


Alison May, W3RT Three Rivers CVS Lead said: 

“£26,500 went to charities and organisations who provide wellbeing support activities, this as be identified as the biggest area of support and has continued to be the main issue during the pandemic.”  


The wellbeing funding has raised awareness around mental health for children, adults and families, helped with challenges associated with unemployment, given general mindfulness sessions for community members to attend, provided playschemes for those learning challenged, and other wellbeing activities. 


One adult attending the wellness sessions commented: 

”It’s my favourite thing. Without it, I would have felt very lonely…" 


On behalf of the learning-challenged children, the school said: 

"Thank you so much to you and all at W3RT for supporting the community group’s grant application, it made a massive difference to the families at the school."


Watford Mencap, who help families with a learning disability both in Watford & Three Rivers areas, commented:

"Thank you, your grant has helped people with learning disabilities to keep safe, active, and happy." 


Rev. Lisa Kerry, Minister at Churches in Croxley Green added:

“Thank you so much for your assistance in the funding- it has made a huge difference! We are also starting our other mental health initiative- our Renew Wellbeing project. We hope to be able to open that up to visitors by the beginning of December.”

And 9 Lives, a charity who run a second-hand furniture shop giving help to low income families with goods and providing training to people with mental health and learning challenges, concluded: 

"We would not be able to operate without the support you have given us." 


Socialising, finances, health and dependencies support 


Of the remaining 11 charities with 12 funding applications, 4 covered social get-togethers activity programmes, 4 helped the community with financial support, 2 helped those with physical challenges, and 2 helped those with dependencies like drug addiction. 


Councillor Sarah Nelmes, Three Rivers District Council Leader said: 

“We were pleased to work so closely with Watford and Three Rivers Trust on this project supporting a wide range of community groups. There continues to be high levels of need is for wellbeing services and this is likely to continue over the coming months. We will be working closely with W3RT CVS to ensure all the groups reflect the changing needs of our community as we go into 2021.” 


On financially deprived children Bowley Charity reported: 

"During May, June and July, a total of £4,035.30 was distributed to 15 families with a total of 36 children. Eight more families than expected have been helped with the receipt of the £1,500 grant." 


On financially deprived adults, a grateful beneficiary said: 

"Random Café were invaluable for us. On furlough it has helped, on a reduced income, to provide for our family and my mother we care for at home." 


One attendee from the dependencies support networks said: 

"I am extremely grateful and thankful daily for the zoom meetings. I joined The Living Room at start of lock-down so all my meetings have been on ZOOM. At first I was sceptical, but they are run exceptionally well by the counsellors and also I feel like I know everyone in the group therapy even though some I haven't met in person." 


Charities and organisations as mentioned above can be found here:


  • Maple Cross PTA and COVID group
  • Eastbury & Moor Park Children’s activities
  • Community Learning Partnership
  • 3R and Watford Schools Sports Partnership
  • Watford Mencap (Wellbeing)
  • Ascend
  • Signpost (Counselling)
  • 9 Lives
  • Homestart Watford and Three Rivers
  • Guideposts Trust
  • Watford Women's Centre
  • Small Acts of Kindness Trust
  • Churches in Croxley Green
  • Herts Musical Memories
  • Herts Mind Network


  • CAB Three Rivers
  • Rickmansworth CC
  • The Bowley Charity for Deprived Children
  • Watford Mencap (Financial support)

Getting together

  • Herts Inclusive Theatre
  • The Dan Tien Performing Arts Studios
  • Para Dance UK
  • Electric Umbrella


  • Headway Hertfordshire
  • Random Café


  • The Living Room
  • New Hope