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Goodbye Depression and Anxiety 

Gillian - Gillian struggled with depression and anxiety on and off for 20 years.  She had struggled with relationships and never felt good enough which resulted in a strange relationship with alcohol.  Her symptoms from chronic fatigue syndrome added to the internal pain she was suffering.  She had heard about the Three Principles mid 2020 so was excited to join the SPAs in 2021 - her life has transformed and she’s excited to now be a Peer Mentor for A Slice of Happiness. 

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Homelessness behind closed doors 

Anonymous1 - ‘Anonymous’ had mental health difficulties for much of her life and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was on medication and under the Community Mental Health Team. Since doing the Slice of Happiness course she has become more positive about life, able to appreciate beauty in nature, less anxious, has come off her medication, is no longer under the mental health team and her bipolar is in remission. She had a number of worrying physical health concerns, but these have disappeared.  

Her three children have undergone a radical change in their overall wellbeing resulting in a significant change in their behaviour, happiness, physical and mental health and academic attainment. 

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From 'suicidal thoughts' to feeling 'amazing and unstoppable' 

Anthony - Anthony discovered the Three Principles in early 2020 when a third redundancy within a 2 year period led to suicidal thoughts and a 90 minute conversation with the Samaritans. Anthony joined the A Slice of Happiness SPA three weeks before we entered our first lockdown feeling depressed, had lost his confidence and wasn’t hopeful for the future. He has now found a job which he loves and feels amazing and unstoppable. 

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Redundancy in COVID19 

Anonymous2 - ‘Anonymous’ joined our SPAs in January 2021 after she had been signposted by Watford Job Centre.  She had been made redundant during COVID19 and was in a bad place, feeling hopeless and ashamed.  She had been in an abusive marriage and suffered most of her life with depression, anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. She has now seen that she isn’t broken, able to love herself, energised and looking forward to living life. 

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From 'Rock Bottom' to 'Falling Back In Love With Life' 

Ian struggled with behavioural issues from as far back as he can remember, with severe anxiety and issues around emotion control. This led to many behaviours including fighting, binge eating and sudden weight loss and then into alcohol and cocaine abuse. His view of himself as a damaged, potentially mentally unstable person led to many breakdowns and job losses. 
Through A Slice of Happiness and The Three Principles he has found an awareness of his thoughts and corresponding emotions and how they shape his personal reality.  Since January 2020 he has been a Peer Mentor for A Slice of Happiness to help support beneficiaries struggling with the same challenges he used to have. 

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