Case Study: M – Getting Together Clubs

M was born in 1940 in Paddington London. Her family home was in what would be classed as a slum area. She never attended school which gave her no opportunity then to read or write. In the 60’s her family were given a council house in South Oxhey. M started her married life in 1970. They brought a house on Whippendell Road, West Watford. Unfortunately, her marriage broke down and she remortgaged the house to buy her husband’s half of the house of which she still lives into this day. M has three children, one of who lives in America. M visits regularly. With all the changes in her life she felt very low and alone and in need of companionship. A friend knew how she was feeling and suggested that they both attend the knit and natter club round the corner from her house. This gave her the confidence to try other things and when she saw a flyer for the “Getting Together Clubs” she decided to try it out.

M started attending the Halsey club in 2018 along with a friend who she met at a Knit and Natter club in West Watford. She enjoyed the club so much that she told others about it at her Knit and Natter club. Subsequently these ladies started attending also with her. This group of ladies now also attend The Barn and are fondly known as the “Golden Girls”. Attending these clubs gave M purpose to get up get, showered and dressed which heightened her self-worth and boosted her self-esteem.

When lockdown hit, M really missed the clubs in particular Halsey. The clubs being closed she felt was detrimental to her wellbeing as she wasn’t getting out thus doing nothing in the daytime. Her general health deteriorated due to her aches and pains getting steadily worse. When we called M to explain that The Barn was ready to come back, she was delighted. Halsey Club was one of her favorites and she is so please that this has now been reopened and is looking forward to attend.