Super Scanner Appeal for West Herts’ Hospitals

Super Scanner Appeal for West Herts’ Hospitals

Our Scanner appeal will transform pinhole surgery and save lives in our communities. We have almost reached our target; will you help us reach our goal?

The appeal launched this year has been to raise funds for a high-tech super scanner for Watford General, where a new interventional radiology suite is opening. Interventional radiology is a form of image-guided surgery which enables clinicians to carry out minimally invasive pinhole operations. Surgeons can use x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRIs to guide equipment into parts of the body that couldn’t normally be reached without open surgery.

The hospital charity, Raise, is aiming to raise £695,000 to purchase the new super scanner – and its already 94% of the way toward its target.

The benefits of image-guided pinhole surgery mean clinical teams will be able to treat patients they currently cannot, including children, pregnant women and those with more complex conditions. Patients can be treated faster, experience fewer complications, return home sooner and heal more quickly than using traditional surgical techniques.

You can find more detail on Raise’s website at

£60.00 raised so far. Help us get to £200,000.00

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