Did you help a neighbour, friend or relative through lockdown by delivering shopping or keeping them company by chatting to them from the front garden?

Now lockdown is over, would you like to be able to continue to help people near to where you live in some way?

The after affects of lockdown have left many people in Watford feeling lonely and isolated having completely lost their confidence in going out and mixing with people or they just don't know what is available to them.

We need lovely caring people just like you to become “Community Champions” for our Neighbours Together project and help people to join activities that are listed in our What's On guide. It's not a formal volunteer role, just something you can do as you go about your day to day business.

Together we can help reduce loneliness in Watford and Three Rivers !

As a “Community Champion” you would

  • CONNECT with their neighbours and local community
  • PROMOTE activities and inspire others to get involved and try something new
  • ENABLE people to overcome barriers that may prevent them from being socially active
  • And maybe DEVELOP new ideas to help combat loneliness

To help we have developed the  “Community Champion” Toolkit with some ideas and tips on how to be a “Community Champion” and this can be accessed by going to the “Community Champion” page https://www.mywellbeing.community/communitychampions and looking at the Support Tools.

In the Support Tools section there also a link to the project’s What’s On guide https://www.mywellbeing.community/whatsonguide, which is a database of clubs, groups, activities, events and support services that are currently running and available to residents in the Watford & Three Rivers area.

​ANYONE can be a “Community Champion”.

To find out more or if you are interested please call 01923 606447 or email [email protected], and we will explain more.

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