Last week, W3RT CVS hosted their regular Voluntary Sector Forum which brings organisations working in the voluntary sector together to share updates, best practice and to connect with other organisations who are also active in the community.  

Due to the way W3RT CVS host their forums and allow organisations to discuss issues with other attendees, there was an opportunity for a relatively new charity to discuss issues with one of the established charities in the area. We believe that this approach allows for a more collaborative voluntary sector where newer organisations can obtain support and guidance on issues such as funding from organisations who have the practical experience in these areas.  

Also in attendance was a grant manager for one of the local grant programs and this allowed the voluntary organisations to asks questions of grant funders and for the grant funders to consider the needs of groups when deciding on the criteria of the fund as well as what the funding could be used for.  

One of the attendees who had organisation has recently registered with the Charities Commission said that the forum allowed her to connect with other groups in the area and to learn from their experience which would in turn, benefit her organisation in the future.  

W3RT CVS also commented on the forum last week and said that:

"...collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between organisations is vital to ensuring that Watford and Three Rivers benefits from a healthy voluntary sector. We are also delighted that local funders are now engaging with our forums and hope that this allows them to hear the needs of the sector directly from organisations who are active within it and to take this into account in their funding opportunities.” 

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