Watford Jazz Junction Voluntary sector organisation and member of Watford & Three Rivers Trust’s Community Voluntary Services (W3RT).


W3RT CVS attended the first advisory board meeting held by Watford Jazz Junction to provide assist with the planning and preparation of the festival in 2021. W3RT CVS will continue to assist the organisation to ensure that they are prepared for this great event.  


Watford Jazz Junction said:

“WJJ plans to shine a spotlight on jazz in Watford, looking to bring fresh footfall into our town, and to foster new connections for businesses and residents. The festival is a special occasion, and a real opportunity to enjoy live performances, for artists and audiences alike. From the outset we value inclusion and diversity." 


The challenge...


Watford Jazz Junction came to W3RT for support around ensuring that they had the most appropriate legal structure for their project. This is common for community groups whose have the expertise or passion for the project but sometimes lack the knowledge and ability to understand how their project should be structured. Since incorporation last month, Watford Jazz Junction has sought advice from W3RT around their safeguarding and equality and diversity policy 


The support...


W3RT met with Watford Jazz Junction to discuss the various legal structures that could choose and the positives and negatives of each on. W3RT then helped review the various legal documents completed by Watford Jazz Junction to ensure that they would be successfully incorporated. W3RT also assisted the organisation by reviewing the policies they put into place and ensuring that these will be sufficient.  


Our community beneficiary


Watford Jazz Junction is a Community Interest Company (CIC) running a family-friendly festival that celebrates great music. It's hoped the first programme will be put on 20-23 May 2021 but this is very much dependent on how the Covid-19 pandemic continues to playout. 


Thank you 

“I greatly appreciated the support that W3RT CVS have been able to give us in the establishment of our venture as a community interest company. I look forward to working with them more in the coming months around training and recruitment of local volunteers to support our exciting plans."  


For further information on Watford Jazz Junction see below:


Website/page URL https://www.watfordjazzjunction.com/ 

Twitter handle  @JazzWatford 


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