As part of its support for our communities across Watford and Three Rivers areas during the pandemic, W3RT CVS held its fortnightly Covid Support Forum on the 25th November 2020. With representatives from local and parish councils, local community groups and faith organisations, W3RT CVS provided an update as to their activities since the last meeting earlier in November to ensure that the community groups knew what support W3RT CVS can offer.

The main focus of the meeting was for community groups to update W3RT CVS and each other as to their activities and what support they provide. Key areas included:

  • Community groups and faith organisations are continuing to prepare hot meals and groceries bags for those in the community who need them
  • Groups are working with local schools to ensure that those who need them receive foodboxes and Tesco vouchers,
  • Knitting projects are being set up to ensure that those living in care homes can contribute to and feel engaged with the community - the stockings that are being knitted will then be provided to familes in those communities.

Towards the end of the meeting, one of the attendees said:

they felt inspired by the work of the groups and was delighted to see the range of support being provided to the community during this difficult year.

It was agreed that a follow up forum would be held on the 9th December 2020 at 10am in light of the expected lockdown restrictions to ensure that W3RT CVS could provide groups with the latest updates and advice. If you are interested in attending the forum, please contact the W3RT CVS team via email. Minutes from each forum are also available upon request.  

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