W3RT CVS - stronger relationships with Voluntary Sector

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Watford & Three rivers Charity and it's Community Voluntary Service team (W3RT CVS) completed a survey to see how the voluntary sector in these areas were coping with the demands they were under and the issues they were seeing emerge during lockdown.   

As they move forward, W3RT CVS would like to know now how the voluntary sector are coping and how the CVS can support them. Therefore, W3RT CVS have produced a short survey which we would like voluntary organisations and community groups to fill in. 

This will allow them to find out how the Covid-19 pandemic and the current lockdown has impacted on your organisation, what services and activities your ogranisations are providing at present, as well as to what are the biggest issues your organisations are facing. It has already had a great response from it's forum attendeees, and would urge you to participate so everyones voice is heard.

To complete the survey click here

This survey will allow W3RT CVS to identify steps to be taken to strengthen the local voluntary sector, and to ensure that our local community have the services it needs going forward.

This is one of the many ways W3RT CVS look to help the voluntary sector and the community, along with the networking forums like the Voluntary Sector Forum, if you would like to know more and attend the next forum please see Voluntary Sector forum news or please contact the W3RT CVS team via email.  

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