W3RT CVS' Covid Support Forum Brings the Community Together

With the country subject national lockdown restrictions, W3RT CVS felt it important to bring all community support groups together so that there can be a collaborative approach to supporting the community during the 2nd lockdown. 

On 11th November, W3RT CVS hosted the Covid Support Forum with these community groups as well as representatives from the two local authorities. During the fourm, organisations provided updates as to the support available for the community and whether there were any specific issues occuring within their communities.   

There was a consensus that whilst there has not been a rise in requests for support, there were concerns that requests could increase as we enter the Christmas period. W3RT CVS can provide support to organisations in the following areas:

  • Helping groups access funding from local organisations to be able to fund their projects.
  • Introducing groups to other organisations who may be able to provide other forms of support (donations, corporate volunteers)
  • Training and guidance on recrutiting and managing volunteers to ensure that groups can keep their volunteers engaged and active within their group.

Outcomes from the meeting were: 

  • Groups knowing that they can approach local authorities for funding for their projects. 

  • That groups were continue to providing personal shopping and prescription collection services to the community,  

  • Groups were talking about supporting isolated individuals or families though Christmas card projects or knitting stockings for children, 

  • Groups sought to collaborate on projects, and it was noted that by working together, groups can be more effective in tackling the effects of the pandemic.  

One attendee said that the meeting allowed her to know that there were local authorities with funding available for her project and thanked W3RT for the meeting so that they could be introduced. Another attendee said that the meeting allowed him to share the ideas he was having with groups in other areas so that more individuals in the community could benefit. 

With the lockdown due to end on the 2nd December, W3RT CVS will host another forum on the 25th November at 10am via Zoom. If you wish to attend, please contact the W3RT CVS team via email.  

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