Volunteer in lockdown making calls to the vulnerable wins award

The My Wellbeing team, part of Watford & Three Rivers Trust (W3RT), heard about the Watford Observer holding a competition for charity workers for the "Volunteer Award" which gives recognition to unsung heroes in the community.

They decided to nominate Sylvie Leslie their Telephone Welfare Volunteer, who started with the team back in May 2020 - and consequently has won an award!

Since starting with W3RT Sylvie had supported 9 individuals by making 67 "Keeping In Touch" telephone calls, and had been one of the teams most active telephone welfare volunteers, always kept them informed, and demonstrated real care about the people she had been speaking to regularly. Even through a period of ill health herself Sylvie went to great lengths to get back to making her regular calls as soon as she could.

The team submitted some of the following comments received from the beneficiaries she had called:

“J expressed that Sylvie is a lovely person which is easy to talk to and she enjoys their lovely chats. Having Sylvie call each week has made life a little easier, she looks forward to the call each week and makes her feel like she’s not cut off from the outside world. J also mentioned it’s a nice feeling that some is thinking of her and takes time out of her day to call her. The chats are always so lovely, and Sylvie is so understanding.”


“M told me that Sylvie is one of the best people to speak to that can make her laugh and lift her spirits and makes her feel good about herself. They have formed a great connection and if Sylvie was to stop volunteering then M would really miss her company, This week M said she was not feeling great and Sylvie instantly knew, the conversation made M feel so much better and brightened her day.”


W3RT were incredibly proud and would like to thank of all the Volunteers who have, and continue to, work with them during these times.


To see the interview with the Watford Observer read more on the full story here.

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