W3RT CVS support the Voluntary Sector, and help organisations with setting up and registrating as a charity, as well as training, advice on management, funding applications, networking and fundraising.


As part of this, W3RT CVS help provide information and insights into useful national level guidance & documents, one of which this week "Trustee Week", is a list of a very useful set of Charity Commission Guidance documents on what Trustees of charities should be aware of and information that is very useful to know.


These are in the following helpful topics:


But even more useful are the “5-minute guides” for Charity Trustees on the useful basics good to know:

  1. Charity purposes and rules
  2. Making decisions at a charity
  3. Managing charity finances
  4. Managing conflicts of interest in a charity
  5. What to send to the Charity Commission and how to get help


For further information on related content such as “The Essential Trustee”, please visit the Government website.

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