"Covid-19 Lockdown 2.0 Support in the Community" meeting

At start of the pandemic, W3RT CVS ran weekly “Covid Community group support" forums, as well as bi-weekly “Covid Interfaith support group” forums. These provided support to Voluntary Sector Groups, and shared with each attendee how they were helping community members. 

As Hertfordshire goes into Lockdown 2.0, W3RT CVS are seeing a need and demand for community support around Covid-19 again, and the new restrictions. 

W3RT CVS are already taking 1:1 support calls from Community & Interfaith groups. This meeting will aim to get everyone together to each talk through their situations and what support there is for community members, and then talk through what challenges they are facing and how they can tackle these through things such as share resources or ideas that have worked.

Date : Wed 11th November

Time : 9.30-10.30am 

How : Zoom

If you are interested in attending please send questions in advance so they can ensure this is covered on the day; [email protected]. Zoom links will then be provided.

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