Hertfordshire County Council ask for everyone's input

Hertfordshire County Council are making the new plan for March 2021, for their Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.  And your answers will help them make the new one.


The 3 main things they want to make happen are:


1. Work with different groups of people in Hertfordshire to get to know them and what they need

  • We want to make sure all groups of people in Hertfordshire can have a say about what happens in Hertfordshire. And they want to find out what different groups of people need and try to make this happen.

2. Work in the best way we can to help change things

  • We want to work in the best way we can to treat everyone fairly, and help other people know what to do too. For example, they want to make sure services treat all groups of people fairly,  and make sure they keep learning and doing things better.

3. Work well together with other organisations

  • We must work together with many other groups to make Hertfordshire fairer for everyone. For example companies, charities, the NHS, police, and schools.


What will you need to do to help?

Please print and fill in the attached pdf (see attachment at the end of this email), and send it via email to: [email protected]

OR by post to:

Equality and Diversity Team

Hertfordshire County Council County Hall

Pegs Lane


SG13 8DE

Postal Point: CHO144


OR you can fill it out electronically online by going to:



There will also be some meetings you can join to help make the plan about treating everyone fairly. The meetings will be on the internet.

Please tell them which meeting you would like to join, by emailing [email protected]:


Meeting 1

  • Date: Wednesday 11 November

  • Time: 4pm to 5.30pm

Meeting 2

  • Date: Thursday 3 December

  • Time: 4pm to 5.30pm



After that Hertfordshire County Council will look at what everyone says and make the new plan.

It should be ready by March 2021 !


Thank you for sharing this information – please forward on to everyone who would like to take part. 

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