The Prime Minister asked Danny Kruger MP for proposals to "sustain the community spirit" seen during the lockdown.  


“Levelling up our communities” includes proposals for a new social covenant setting out a vision for a more local, more “human”, less bureaucratic, centralised society. Call-outs were made for people being “supported and empowered” to play an active role in their local neighbourhoods.


The Prime Minister, in responding to the report, wrote to Danny Kruger MP:

“…we have seen tremendous levels of voluntary action by private citizens, and of innovation and partnership between the public, private and social sectors. These are critical elements of the social model we want to see for the recovery, and into the future."


W3RT CVS, on writing to their Members on an “asset-based” development plan for the voluntary sector across Watford & Three Rivers said:

We have seen this in action with you as groups, really utilising and sharing the assets and volunteers we have. This solutions-based approach is why we want to take this time to thank you all for being part of the 2 Cs; Community & Collaboration. It is our CVS Networks and forums where this knowledge is being shared. This we also believe is the new training forum, by sharing all your positive experiences with others.


Proposals from the government have included a new £500 million Community Recovery Fund to help civil society during the current crisis, financed through the defunct National Fund, and a new £2 billion endowment, the Levelling Up Communities Fund, for investment in long-term, community-led transformation in left-behind areas, financed through dormant insurance accounts.


For further information visit the full report here.



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