438 people benefit from Random Café food

Random Café is a food waste organisation set up in Watford in 2017. The organisation aims to reduce food waste in Watford by saving food that would have been thrown away by supermarkets, cafes and other businesses and gives these back to the public on a pay as you feel basis.  Random Café is also an environmental organisation seeking to make Watford a more sustainable town.   

Random Café applied to W3RT for funding from the Watford Community Fund to help with the delivery of emergency food parcels in Watford. Many local residents where shielding or had other difficulties in getting food. Random Café delivered these food boxes in collaboration with W3RT and Watford Community Housing Trust.   


With regard to their community beneficiaries, Jane Johnson, founder of Random Café said: 

“As a result of the funding provided by W3RT, we were able to provide 270 emergency food boxes to the community during the lockdown period. In total this benefited 438 adults and children. With the remaining food we donated this to the foodbank to continue supporting those who may have difficulties in getting food.  With the remaining money we were awarded, we supported Francis Combe School with lunches for their school holidays programme. In totally, we provided 250 healthy lunch boxes to those attending.” 


Training from W3RT CVS was very well received and regarding this, Jane said: 

“Random Café has benefited from the links provided by W3RT CVS in regard to training. We have found these useful and have signed up for a course on safeguarding.” 


On networks and the forums the CVS teams facilitate, Jane then went on to say: 

“Random Café has also attended various Covid community forums hosted by W3RT CVS as well as the forums for charities. We have found these really useful to network with other groups and raise our awareness in the community we wish to help.”   


Membership advice was also well received where they needed it most; help creating a social media strategy. The results were an increase in engagement and interactions on various platforms. CVS also helped with awareness campaigns, recognising volunteers on the website. 


A "thank you" from the beneficiaries 

One of the recipients of the food boxes provided by Random Café said: 

“Random Café has really helped myself and my 2 daughters. I would have to go to the food bank and borrow money from friends and family that I won’t be able to pay back. Some days we have missed dinner and had cereal. Thank you.” 


Another recipient went on to say: 

“Random Café were invaluable for us. On furlough it has helped, on a reduced income, to provide for our family and my mother we care for at home.”  “We would not been able to manage without the help and support of these people. Very helpful staff who are always happy and polite. Thank you all very much.” 


To become a member, or to see more information on W3RT CVS, please see the CVS website or email the team on [email protected]


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