W3RT's CVS “make things happen” - funding supports over 100 School children and their parents


Our community volunteer group

Coronavirus Community Help (CCH) is a support group set up to help our community during the pandemic, across Northwood, Ruislip, Oxhey and Carpenders Park. Eastbury & Moor Park division of CCH were in contact with Colnbrook School initially to support with emergency food parcels. However CCH heard that Colnbrook School children who were being home schooled, and were in need of further support due to the added pressures of Covid-19 lockdown and the suspension of support services.

Our community funding

CCH applied to W3RT’s Community & Voluntary Services (CVS) for funding. W3RT who runs the CVS, awarded the grant which came from Watford Community Fund (WCF). WCF is contributed to by not only Camelot, but also from Watford Helps Covid-19 Charities Appeal, local fundraising events such as The Big Bold Community Quiz, and other organisations and members of the public. CCH group were awarded a grant of £750 by W3RT, who responded to this call for help because they could see the children were in need, but also to help the wellbeing of the parents.

Our community beneficiary

With the £750, Colnbrook School has been able to help over 100 pupils who have learning, language and autism difficulties by buying play items that stimulate the child, thus free up time for parents to rest. With children being home schooled during the pandemic, this has been particularly difficult for families. Parents have often had to keep working. And with normal support services being suspended, there was a need in our community for support.

The grant funded visual and sensory items as well as puzzles and musical toys helped to give parents a range of items to keep their children engaged safely and with a wide variety of stimulation helping with their development. The toys were all specifically chosen to support the level of understanding of the children. The families had the enjoyment of seeing the children’s positive responses, which also helped with well-being - a welcomed feeling of support from their community in such a time. Other contributions included donations from Waitrose and Annanya Limited, Aylesbury.


Caroline Aplin, Headteacher at Colnbrook School said:

“The gifts that you sent to the children have supported the families and children at a very difficult time. It has helped support their mental wellbeing and given the children something to smile about. The smiles tell the story. Kindness goes a long way and by showing how much the children matter.  We have had many families thank us for the kind donations and as a school we cannot thank you and all your volunteers and donators enough for their generosity and time.”

Alison May, the CVS Three Rivers lead from W3RT commented:

“CVS work weekly with Charity groups like COVID community support group. Via zoom calls we talk about solutions like funding where organisations such as CCH can get the help they need. Without groups like COVID community support group (who are in contact with organisations in need such as CCH), we wouldn’t be able to help with funding. We are the go to place for groups who want to help our community, and perhaps don’t know where to go.  Currently our weekly calls are providing much needed solutions on topics such as mental health, scams, community projects and youth engagement. If you are an organisation that need help and you don’t have a community group, please get in touch and we will be able to look into this for you.”


In less than 12 days all purchased items had been successfully delivered to 104 homes; by 30th June everything was delivered to the school and by 10th July the school had delivered all gifts to the pupils.  All feedback from the school has been positive. Both the children and the families were surprised by the delivery of gifts and were extremely grateful. They received a number of phone calls and emails from families thanking the school and CCH.

In how the CVS team have helped CCH, CCH Eastbury & Moor Park team said:

“The overall support we have received from W3RT’s CVS has been invaluable. The weekly COVID Zoom calls that Alison and her team have arranged over the last few months has offered support in a variety of ways. They have kept us informed about help and support available to us, which in turn has meant we have been able to react quickly to help our local community, and also keep our own volunteers up to date and offer them support too, such as maintaining good mental health. They have enabled us to stay connected with other local mutual aid groups, so that we have been able to help each other with ideas and offer practical support during these difficult few months”


On all future support that the group can offer, CCH reported they will continue to support the local community in a variety of ways. As a mutual aid group they are able to react and change quickly to circumstances.

“With W3RT’s CVS at our side we feel comfortable knowing that we can go to them for advice as and when we need it, in order to make that happen”.


For further information on CCH please go to:

Website coronaviruscommunityhelp.co.uk

Email  [email protected].

Facebook  facebook.com/CCHNorthwoodRuislipPinner

Telephone  01923 751076


For further information on Colnbrook School please go to:

Website https://www.colnbrook.herts.sch.uk


If you would like similar help from W3RT CVS please email [email protected] or see W3RT CVS page https://w3rt.org/page/cvs1

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