Introducing the community sector representatives for Herts Health and Welbeing Board

The Herts Community Leaders Forum has completed its processes to choose community sector representatives for the Hertfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board. Welcome to our duly elected representatives:

- Sarah Wren of HILS
- Pete Maiden of Chexs

Sarah and Pete have the full support of HCLF members. Although we  give their organisation names above for info, they will of course represent the whole of the sector and will regularly report back to the Forum and canvass views - at meetings and through the HCLF web pages. They are keen to build a network of support from those with expertise in particular fields including (but not limited to) Kate Belinis (CDA for Herts), June Chapman (CASTAD), Nigel Farren (Enterprise Herts), Bob Jones (W3RT) and Sharn Tomlinson (Mind in Mid Herts). More expertise is always welcome so please offer any specialist knowledge you have. We hope that our representatives will be able to invite experts to accompany them for particular agenda items at the HWB.

If you have any further queries, or offers of support, please contact Sarah or Pete direct or post a comment to the HCLF web pages. 

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