Community Sector representative needed for Hertfordshire's Health & Wellbeing Board

In a very positive move, Herts Health & Wellbeing Board is seeking to appoint a new Board member with responsibility for representing Hertfordshire's diverse community sector. The Hertfordshire Health & Wellbeing Board was established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to act as a forum in which key leaders from the local health and care system can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population. The Board is a formal committee of Hertfordshire County Council, charged with promoting greater integration and partnership between bodies from the NHS, local government, Healthwatch, the Police and Crime Commissioner and others partners. It has a statutory duty, with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), to produce a joint strategic needs assessment and a joint health and wellbeing strategy for Hertfordshire. The board has very limited formal powers and is constituted as a partnership forum rather than an executive decision-making body. It meets formally in public four times a year and holds an annual stakeholder conference for 200 attendees. It also holds non-public development sessions in between each public meeting for Board members only. The things that affect health and wellbeing vary over the course of our lifetime, so the Board’s partnership strategy for Hertfordshire 2016-2020 has been developed using four significant stages of the life course:

  • Starting well
  • Developing well
  • Living & working well
  • Ageing well

Please review:

The community sector has an agreed method of selecting and recruiting representatives. The process is designed to be as inclusive and collaborative as possible while maximising accountability. Anyone from the community sector can apply for this role - please share details with any friends or colleagues you think might be interested. The agreed selection process is compliant with the Herts Compact and is set out in a separate Community Sector Representative Protocol.

For an informal discussion, please contact Bob Jones (W3RT) or Kate Belinis (CDA Herts). To register your interest in this role, simply email Bob Jones (or send a message via this website) no later than 20 February. Everyone who registers an interest will be invited to attend a meeting at 3:30 on 24 February (venue tba) to see if interested people can agree between themselves the best representation arrangements. If they can, we will work to have this arrangement agreed with the H&W Board. If they cannot, we will organise a formal election within the Herts Community Leaders Forum.

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