Asda (Watford) is supporting A Slice of Happiness until 31 March

A Slice of Happiness (ASOH) has been chosen to appear on the green token giving board from 1 January to 31 March in Asda, North Watford (Dome Roundabout).

ASOH would like to thank the staff in Asda who have made this possible and for supporting our self funded project to be able to support those affected by Homelessness.

ASOH support programmes free of charge for those that are living in hostels, shelters, temporary accommodation, on the street and people who seek housing assistance from local authorities.

AND The hidden homeless who living in homeless households where there is overcrowding or they are sofa surfing.

Please pick up a green token when they go through any manned checkout at Asda to support us in raising vital funds for this charity project.

Lets make 2020 The year to support and raise awareness for those suffering in our local community and their #mentalhealth.

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