New campaign from Herts County Council.... Relationships Matter in Hertfordshire

It’s common sense that big life events can cause stress within a family. Whether it’s having a baby, your child starting a new school or losing your job – these things often can be a trigger for relationship conflict.


We’ve been putting support in place for families affected by conflict for a while – both for couples who are together and those who are separated. Our support helps families where the parents just don’t see eye to eye about things, argue a lot or are avoiding each other and not communicating properly.


We provide this support because of the impact that conflict can have on children. Evidence has shown that children growing up in families where their parents are in conflict are more likely to experience from anxiety and other emotional health difficulties, and they can also be more prone to problems with sleep, progressing at school and making friends. You can see some key statistics about parental conflict in Hertfordshire here.


Relationships conflict isn’t an easy issue to talk about, but there’s lots of help out there for parents.

You can help parents by:


Talking to them about their relationships. Make sure they are aware that conflict can impact on their children and that there is help available. There is a toolkit and training to help you with these conversations at:


Signposting them to self-help. This Hertfordshire webpage has information for parents about relationships, and where to go for local and online help:


Referring them to specialist support if they need it. Any professional or volunteer working with a family in Hertfordshire can refer parents to the Parenting Together

programme. This provides free evidence-based parental conflict support to parents, whether they are together or separated. To find out more, go to:

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