Watford CVS is working with Redway HR to offer affordable HR support and advice for members

Meet the Redway HR team

Redway HR is a small, friendly team of HR Experts, working together in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire to support small businesses and charities. The three ream members you are likely to get to know are:

Lesley Bates, HR Consultant: Lesley joined Redway HR in early 2019, bringing with her excellent technical knowledge and skills with a broad range of strategic and operational HR experience gained within SMEs, charities and larger organisations. Having worked for a local charity, Lesley understands the issues and challenges, and also opportunities, which voluntary organisations face and is able to offer simple, practical advice and support.

Liz Redway, Director and Executive Coach:  Liz has over 20 years HR and Development experience internationally across a range of sectors, both public sector and commercial. She works with integrity, using a practical and down to earth style which puts her clients at ease.

Julie Maughan, Recruitment and Business Manager: Julie joined Redway HR in 2018. She has a wide range of both public sector and commercial experience, including in teaching, recruitment and operations management.

We provide a broad range of operational and strategic HR solutions to help organisations grow, change and enhance staff performance.

We are here to guide you through your 'people needs'​, whether it be help with an individual situation, a one-off project or a regular number of hours per month. We recognise that charities will have a differing need (and budget) to more commercial companies and pride ourselves on working flexibly to cater for the specific needs of each organisation.

Through a personal and pragmatic approach, we’re proud to help shape and grow our clients'​ businesses. We ensure compliance and good practice while keeping in mind your orgnaisation’s vision, ethos and values.

Managing poor performance

When you have an employee who isn’t doing their job properly it can have a huge impact on team performance and morale. There are several steps which a manager can take to improve things.

Make sure there is a culture of regular feedback or supervision with your team. Waiting until the end of year performance review isn’t going to help. Bringing things to an individual’s attention (both good and bad) in a timely manner before things have escalated or festered will help. This may also encourage the individual to tell you about any issues which could be affecting their performance
Look at the work in detail and identify exactly what is going wrong. Is the individual incapable or are they deliberately making errors because there is a problem?

Talk to the employee about your concerns in a constructive and positive manner. Once they themselves understand there is a performance gap, they may know what they need to improve, so ask the individual what support they need to deliver in their role. Document these conversations.

Offer training or other support, depending on the individual’s needs. Document any offers of support and the outcomes you expect to see.

If you have tried these steps and there is little or no change, you may need to issue a formal warning. Along with the warning you should set clear targets for performance and any other support you are putting into place, and make it clear that a lack of improvement could lead to a further warning and ultimately to dismissal.

Any formal warnings will need to be documented in a number of ways; an invitation to the meeting should be sent in advance, including any information to be used in making a decision on whether to issue a warning and the right to be accompanied. Notes of the meeting should be taken – we’re currently trialling an app which records and transcribes as people speak. The outcome of the meeting needs to be in writing and include the right to appeal.

If things don’t change then capability can be a fair reason to dismiss, providing you have a series of documented conversations and warnings, along with evidence that you have taken time to try to help the individual improve, particularly if they are long serving.

If you do have a procedure in place in your organisation, it’s important to follow it.

This type of dismissal is rarely straight forward, and as each case will have different circumstances we would always advise you to seek professional support at an early stage.

Redway HR are available to advise in cases of poor performance and can help and guide you through the process. 

We look forward to getting to know you.

Liz and Lesley will be hosting a workshop on 25th February 2020 click here to register for your free place.

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